21st Century Educators

21st Century Educators is a unique, innovative and tested approach and study program – offered by the Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) – for pedagogical skills competence building, with focus on 21st century skills acquisition. The approach is integrated in all aspects of the training: learning environments, teaching and learning methods, collaboration and networking as well as assessment.

New angles to working as an educator

The program is a pedagogical qualification training program of 30 ECTS aimed for in-service teaching faculty who are subject matter experts without a pedagogical background. It is divided into three modules, each of them introducing a new angle to educator’s work. The duration of the program is three semesters.

The modules of the 21st Century Educators program:
  • Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century
  • Education Technology: Why and How?
  • Learning Outcomes and Assessment
Cooperation, feedback and guidance

The participants’ expertise and experience are integrated in the learning process in a constructive way, and will immediately be put to practice in their own work. The participants work with a home team throughout the studies. In addition to facilitation from TAMK, each team has their own facilitator who is responsible for providing feedback and guidance at critical points of the learning process. The facilitators are members of the participant’s own working community, fully trained by TAMK.

A collaborative learning process

We partner with our client organization to offer the program to their teaching faculty. This is not a self-study program but a fully facilitated, collaborative online learning process. It is designed to be completed alongside work; with the benefits of shared expertise and immediate application of theory into practice.

The pedagogical approach is based on the principles of authentic e-Learning and progressive inquiry. The learning environment is a combination of a Learning Management System (LMS) and social media environments such as blogs and Google tools. The program can be run with the organization’s existing LMS or our Moodle environment. The assessment is ongoing and based on an e-portfolio.

Taking the program has various benefits:
  • Become a pedagogically qualified educator with a strong understanding of 21st century skills acquisition and assessment
  • Increase your understanding of the cognitive processes of teaching and learning
  • Become proficient in using diverse and innovative teaching methods and education technology
  • Find new ways to promote student engagement and self-directed learning
  • Apply new knowledge in your classroom just-in-time
  • Benefit from distributed expertise and colleague support
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Tampere University of Applied Sciences

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